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Abandoned Farmhouse on Hwy 13

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

Beautiful abandoned farmhouse on Hwy 13 in Carlisle, Arkansas.

As I get out of the car I can’t help imagining the people that once lived here. The smell of freshly made biscuits in the morning, gathering eggs and milking the cow before breakfast. Everyone doing chores – pumping water from the well, harnessing the horses, plowing the fields, washing clothes by washboard or ringer washer. Friends and family helping in the harvest. Canning and preserving for the coming winter. Storing food in the root cellar. Trying to get homework done before dark, walking to school in sunshine, rain or snow. Happily looking forward to church on Sunday’s, fun programs at school, and other social events around the county. The tragedies – storms, tornadoes, crop loss … the deaths.

Esso Makes Your Car Go

esso, carlisle, arkansas

The Old Esso Station in Carlisle

At the corner of Hwys 70 and 13 in Carlisle is an old Esso gas station. I haven’t been able to find out hardly any information about the building or how long it has been there. I have found out that at one time it was an espresso shop but that it closed about 2013. I’m not sure if the building is actually abandoned or not as there is a big yellow Freeman Electric truck parked next to it.

“There’s a smile for every mile at the Esso sign. Happy motoring!”