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Abandoned Farmhouse on Hwy 13

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

abandoned, home, hwy 13, carlisle

Beautiful abandoned farmhouse on Hwy 13 in Carlisle, Arkansas.

As I get out of the car I can’t help imagining the people that once lived here. The smell of freshly made biscuits in the morning, gathering eggs and milking the cow before breakfast. Everyone doing chores – pumping water from the well, harnessing the horses, plowing the fields, washing clothes by washboard or ringer washer. Friends and family helping in the harvest. Canning and preserving for the coming winter. Storing food in the root cellar. Trying to get homework done before dark, walking to school in sunshine, rain or snow. Happily looking forward to church on Sunday’s, fun programs at school, and other social events around the county. The tragedies – storms, tornadoes, crop loss … the deaths.

Urban Decay

Hotel Pines, Pine Bluff, AR urban decay

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For most of last week, I hermitted, not going out unless absolutely necessary. October is bad for me, especially between the 18 – 22. My dad died twenty years ago on the 18th and Don died three years ago on the 22. This Saturday (the 22nd) all I wanted to do is stay home with the blinds closed in a drug induced coma. Since I didn’t have any mind numbing drugs and even with blinds closed my room is bright I decided to get out. The Arkansas Women Photographers Facebook group was going to shoot the abandoned Hotel Pines in downtown Pine Bluff so I decided to go shoot with them. I shouldn’t have gone.

I say I shouldn’t have gone because my heart wasn’t in it. My focus (my mind not the camera focus) was off, I couldn’t think of the settings I needed to use and the resulting images show it. I didn’t even go upstairs to get the shots I had planned. I wore those blasted hiking shoes again and that will be the last time. They’re great shoes except my ankle hates them. The edge of the shoe sits against the plate holding the ankle together and irritates the heck out of it. I forgot a mask or bandana to block the dust and started coughing so I left early.

Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to go back to the Hotel Pines sometime. Even though its crumbling you could just see and feel how grand the hotel once was.

A couple of creepy things:

Hotel Pines, Pine Bluff
Doll head in the middle of the rubble

Matrixing or Ghost? Hotel Pines

This was a picture I took just before we entered the building. When I got home and loaded the images in Lightroom I immediately saw a face looking back at me. I don’t know if my mind is just matrixing or not but when I showed to picture to a friend she also saw the face.