abandoned bluebird nestbox wye mountain daffofils

An abandoned bluebird nestbox in a forgotten section of the Wye Mountain daffodil field. Though the bluebirds are nesting right now, the box remains empty. Of course, it is because the floor of the box has fallen apart.

St. Boniface

st boniface building and cemetery, bigelow, ar

One of my favorite chapels in Arkansas is the St. Boniface Catholic Church in Bigelow, Arkansas. It was built in 1906 by a predominantly German community that settled in the area around 1880. The original St. Boniface Church was built in 1901 but was destroyed in January 1906. The only thing that was saved from the original building is the high alter (imported from Germany) that can still be seen today.

st boniface sanctuary

More information on St Boniface is available on the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program website.

The Last Goodbye

the last goodbye trumpeter swans hiram rd

The trumpeter swans have mostly gone from Magness and Hiram Rd. in Heber Springs. They have started their trip north to their spring/summer breeding grounds and won’t return to Arkansas until around November.

I stopped by Hiram Road yesterday and there were only about 30 swans left. When I stopped by Magness Lake there were none. Amongst the trumpeters was a lone tundra swan that was constantly being harassed by the tumpeters.

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