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Crowley’s Ridge and Beyond R...

Crowley's Ridge State Park, Arkansas

I woke up at dawn just before the alarm was to go off. I debated whether or not to go and was so tempted just to stay home and vegetate in the coolness of the house. It’s been so hot throughout Arkansas with temperatures nearing 100F and “feels like” temps of 110. And, of course, […]

Speed Trap

Vintage Motorcar Museum, Hardy, Arkansas

As I was coming around the corner into downtown Hardy, AR (from the North) the first thing I saw was a police car sitting in the corner of a parking lot. When I looked over there was a policeman sitting in the drivers seat. I immediately checked my speed and braked. Oh great, I thought, I’m going to get a ticket. […]

The Long and Winding Road

Beatles Park, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Click on thumbnail to view enlarged image: Road Trip Map A & H – Start and Finish Point, Cabot, Arkansas B – Beatles Park, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas C – Lake Charles State Park, Powhatan, Arkansas D – Old Davidsonville Historic State Park, Pocahontas, Arkansas E – Powhatan Historic State Park, Powhatan, Arkansas (it should be […]

Six More Done

Mt Magazine State Park

Arkansas State Park websites: Hobbs State Park & Conservation Area Withrow Springs State Park Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park Devil’s Den State Park Lake Fort Smith State Park Mount Magazine State Park Note: My husband Don and I had always planned on visiting all the state parks in Arkansas but never had a chance before […]

What’s the Use?

What’s the Use?

The little window on the second floor intrigues me. I’ve never seen one before and don’t know what it could have been used for. What do you think?

#28 is in the Books

#28 is in the Books

I made it to six more Arkansas State Parks Saturday. That means I only have 24 more to go and I’m over halfway done! Websites of the Arkansas State Park’s I visited Saturday: Historic Washington State Park Crater of Diamonds State Park Daisy State Park DeGray Resort State Park Lake Catherine State Park Lake Ouachita […]

Wildflowers & Dragonflies

Holland Bottoms WMA, Cabot, AR

Click any thumbnail to view full image: Lake Pickthorne/Holland Bottoms WMA, Cabot, AR I had to go home after lunch to let the dogs out but I couldn’t resist stopping by Lake Pickthorne/Holland Bottoms WMA. Wildlife always alludes me there but I got plenty images of wildflowers & dragonflies. I did see quite a few […]

Tell Me the Story

Tell Me the Story

Jacksonport State Park

Jacksonport State Park

Visit the Jacksonport State Park website for more information. Note: My husband Don and I had always planned on visiting all the state parks in Arkansas but never had a chance before he died. As a memorial to him, I’m traveling around the state to photograph each park. There are 52 state parks in Arkansas and so […]

Things Don’t Always Go As Plann...

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

I had planned on getting up early and heading a couple of hours north of here to visit the Ozark Folk Center and photograph a few things in that area but, even though I woke up at 5am, I got lazy and decided not to go. Tomorrow is a better day anyway since the farmer’s market in Batesville […]

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