The best things in life are the people you love, the places you've seen, and the memories you've made along the way.

male northern cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Blessings by Rea Williams As rising sun strikes fiery jewels In morning drops of dew I stroll amidst the garden To watch the earth renew. The flashing vibrant cardinal Trills his prelude to the day While radiant beams of sunlight Melt shadowy mist away. He tells me it’s a lovely day With him I must agree– For his joyous song… Read more →

snowed in

Snowed In

Arkansas basically closes down when there’s the least little amount of ice and snow, so we’ve been “snowed in” for the last couple of days. Sean has missed three days of school so far and will be out again tomorrow. Looks like school will not get out until June. I did make it to the store yesterday and bought some… Read more →

Lake Chicot State Park Boathouse

Arkansas State Parks

The Quest Don and I were always going to visit all the state parks in Arkansas but we never did. I’ve made a vow that I’m going to photograph each one this year in his memory. There are 52 state parks in Arkansas and today, I made it to three – Lake Chicot, Arkansas Post Museum and Cane Creek. Read more →


aRTsY fArtSY

Just a couple of Artsy Fartsy type images Sometimes waiting on wildlife to do something exciting can get monotonous and when it happens to me I start shooting the things around me. The first one is the refections of the trees is the water of Bell Slough below the Lake Conway Dam. The second is a tangle mass of limbs… Read more →